Victoria New Horizon Amateuar Radio Club (Founded November 11, 1977)

Weekday VNHARC NET on the CRD repeater 146.980 (103.5 tone/tsql) at 08:45 am.
Backup repeater is 145.430 (100.0 tone/tsql)

***New NCS Schedule for 2022***

Social Distancing gathering for those that were able to make it.

Due to the current conditions some of our members are isolated in care facilites
It would be nice to send them a card to lift there spirits
(No vistitors at this time)

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Long time resident of Victoria
Hilda Robinson VE7FLN

Long time resident of Thetis Island
Les Saul VE7GBT

Happy 95th birthday to Les Saul, Victoria BC (VE7GBT- 'Great Brown Tiger')
Les has been a member of Victoria New Horizons Radio Club since the mid 80s!
Born April 15, 1925 in Winnepeg, Manitoba, Les has grown up with a love and appreciation for communications- written, spoken, visual- you name it!

In 1943-46 Les joined the navy as a signalman on the HMS Gatineau.
After the war Les trained as a printer publisher. In 1950, at the age of 25, Les married his wife Fran (b.1930-d.2013) and moved to Alberta. That same year Les purchased the Eckville Examiner (a local newspaper) and was the publisher until 1954 when he sold the business.

The remainder of Les' career was in Public Relations and advertising.
Les worked as a news editor for CHED (AB), CKOK (BC) and CFCN (AB) from 1954-1965.
By 1965, Les had 3 children- Pat (1952), Donovan (1954) and Jennifer (1964).
In 1965, Les began work in Public Relations for the federal government in various roles. He finished his government career retiring as the Director of Public Affairs for Canada Post Western Region in Vancouver in 1980.
Les continued to teach and consult for a couple years during semi-retirement, but ultimately retired to Thetis Island, BC in 1983.
During his retirement, Les has been very active in the Canadian Public Relations Society.
On Thetis Island, Les continued his passion for HAM radio which began in his 20s back in Manitoba.
Les has operated in BC as an amateur radio operator under 'VE7GBT'- affectionately known as 'Great Brown Tiger' since the 1980s.

Many will remember the daily updates Les provided on the Thetis Island weather. Les was also a key communicator and liaison, using his radio to keep the community informed during power outages on the island. The Thetis Island home ceiling was covered with HAM radio call cards/post cards from his friends from around the world (the grandkids delighted in spotting the card from the most remote destination). The grand-kids still delight in looking at the variety of 'historical' radio equipment.

As Les approaches 95 years, some things don't work as well as they used to including his hearing- so despite being a member of the Victoria Shortwave Club and the New Victoria Horizon's Club since the 1987, he is less able to participate. However, Les speaks fondly of his many friends in his HAM circles.

In 2012, Les left Thetis Island and moved to Victoria. Les enjoys outings and shopping trips to downtown Victoria. He is still interested in the news and really enjoys keeping up with current events. He also really enjoys nature programs on the National Geographic channel!
Les is kept busy communicating with his 3 children, his 7 grand-kids and 3 great grandchildren-  who live all around the world, including here in BC,  and the United Kingdom and New Zealand- albeit, he communicates through other mediums other than the radio.
Please give a toast to Les Saul- " Happy Birthday Great Brown Tiger!"
As noted, if you would like to send a letter, card or note to Les- I have no doubt he would appreciate it.

Les Saul
Apt 455, Rose Manor
857 Rupert Terrace
Victoria, BC V8V 3E5

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At our VNHARC Luncheon
The 2019 - QT Bell was given to:
Brent Besse, VA7BNB (right)

This Web page is in memory of Eric Colmer VE7CCJ

"Once a member, always remembered"


The Official Webpage of the Victoria New Horizons Amateur Radio Club.

The Victoria New Horizons Amateur Radio Club was founded on Armistice Day 1977.
The Department of Health & Welfare through the “New Horizons Program” provided funding for 2 repeaters.

Regular membership is open to all SENIORS holding a valid Certificate of Proficiency in Amateur Radio.

Our club uses the CRD EP repeater VE7RYF on 146.980 MHz with a minus offset and a tone of 103.5 hz tone. 
The repeater is located on Mt. McDonald in the vicinity of Goldstream Park on the outskirts of Victoria.

It wasn't until July 7, 1980 that the club was incorporated under the Society Act of British Columbia.

The following Amateurs attended founding meeting held Nov 11, 1977

Jim Birch
Bill Carey
Eric Colmer
Norm Dixon
Owen Evans
Hud Graham
Rupert Grant
Roy Havard
Ray Hickey
Stu Hislop
John Kazinsky
John Read
Syd Woods
Note: all are now Silent Keys